Friday, January 17, 2014

Help needed for my FPV hexacopter components list.

Hi there, I submitted the same post in a French forum but I am  posting here too hoping that you might help me and that it could help other people from the "'Drones in Belgium" G+ community members (or anyone else sharing the same passion).

I want to build a hexacopter but I am a complete newbie in this domain, that's why I would like your help in the selection of components.
UPDATE: I already ordered all I need to fly but not the flight controller and FPV equipment. Your help is still appreciated for this (see bellow).

The H550 v3 Frame with integrated PCB

First, you have to know that:
  • I want to install a GoPro (and do FPV)
  • I have a Spektrum DX6i remote (hacked to have a beautiful backlight) that I complete with a laptop
  • I want stability (for movies)
  • I wish I could schedule Waypoints using Google Maps

My early researches lead me to an arducopter. The searches and feedback brought me to think I would go with the 3D robotics solutions. It also apparead that an hexacopter was not required and a quadcopter even sounds like a better choice for what I want to do.

So, at first, I selected some components at HobbyKing and had to choose for the motors and propellers, I thought that the more kv, the better but I was wrong.

This excellent french post will help you decide which motors and propellers are the best for you.
I dediced to use a 900kv motor and big 10x4.5 slow fly propellers to have a maximum of stability and autonomy. I also thought that big batteries (5000 mah) would be required but 4000 mah seems to be more thn enough and those are lighter.

This is the components list (for a quadcopter) that I finally ordered:

I decided to split the order in two to save on the delivery costs and because the 30 AMP esc where not in stock in Hobbyking's international warehouse.

Ordered in the international warehouse:

Ordered in the EU warehouse:

These components should enable me to fly (knowing that I already have the chargers and a transmitter).

I still have to choose for a flight controller and the FPV equipment. 

I already know that I will need:

  • APM 2.6 Set (external compass). The set includes:
    • APM 2.6+ Assembled (Cables enter from side)
    • APM Power Module with XT60 connector kits
    • 3DR ublox GPS with Compass Kit
  • Or the "3DR Pixhawk" that seems to be the next gen.. with the "3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass". 
  • 1 autopilot: the 3DR Pixhawk with
    • 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass
    • 3DR Radio set (433 MHz)
    • Do I need the PPM encoder?

    => Where should I buy this for best pricing (including delivery in Belgium), 3DRobotics?

  • The GoPro 3 (I'll go for the Silver Edition).
Then, for FPV, I will have to add some more components. For this, I will follow NEVdD's list. Thank you for sharing NEVdD...

This includes some components like:
I will also probably buy a Turnigy 9X 9Ch transmitter unless I can add some channels to my existing Spektrum DX6i ?

Would you mind sharing your thoughts about this list?

Thanks for your help!

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