Sunday, August 25, 2013

Avast is blocking Hold'em Manager (with PostgreSQL)

As you might know, I am an amateur poker player. Even if I really prefer playing live (because a like seeing other players in order to "read them" and I like to be seen to add some acting to my bluffs), I am also sometimes playing online.

The problem of online poker is that most frequent players have a poker tracker that helps them to detect weaknesses and strengths of their game and of their opponents games. So, if you don't have one, other players have a big advantage... I bought Hold'em Poker Manager 2 and I really think this is a profitable investment if you are playing real money.

Using the latest version of Avast, I had a problem with Hold'em Manager not being able to connect to Postgre's database. The exact message is:
Hold'em Manager 2 cannot connect to the PostgreSQL database server.

The following steps describe how to solve this issue.

First, find the file in the "data" folder of PostgreSQL, mine was located in C:\postgreSQL\data but it could also be located in your "program files" folder.

Then, rename the file like this: .

After that, you have to restart the postgreSQL service (name could be different depending on the version you installed).

You may now open Hold'em Manager 2. If Avast shows an alert, you just have to accept the exception.
Problem solved!

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